Message for incoming freshmen and their parents about Bellaire HS Boys Soccer

Incoming freshmen and parents,

Thanks for your interest in the Bellaire HS Soccer Program. We aim to operate on a “consistency before championships” mentality, guided by a season motto. This year we rallied around LIFESTYLE, connecting the influence soccer has in other areas of life, and how life outside of the sport can affect our performance. We also discuss our lifestyle at home, with friends, in the classroom, academically, socially, and of course on the soccer pitch as well.

When registering for classes next year, incoming freshmen should request 7th period boys soccer athletics. This does not guarantee him a spot on the team, but it will allow him to practice with new and returning players and give him exposure to the coaching staff. Our focus in the preseason (August-November) is strength training. We take soccer players and make them bigger, stronger, and faster by lifting weights 3-4 days a week and running soccer drills the other 1-2 days.

Tryouts begin Nov 29, 2021, right after Thanksgiving break. If you make the team, you will remain in the athletic period. Everyone who does not make the team is allowed to finish the semester in 7th period athletics to gain their PE credit, but will need a schedule change through their counselor for 2nd semester.

Please forward me any middle school schedules for this Spring or club games during the Spring / Summer so that someone from the Bellaire coaching staff may come watch him play. My email address is

Games are also a great opportunity for us to connect with parents as well.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or just to introduce yourself. Thanks so much!

-Coach Rodgers

1 thought on “Message for incoming freshmen and their parents about Bellaire HS Boys Soccer”

  1. Hello Mr. Rodgers,
    I just enrolled my son Gabriel Varon at Bellaire HS. He will be starting 11th grade in September 2021. Gabriel is very athletic and has been involved in soccer for many years.
    He is very interested in joining the soccer program, including summer soccer program is available.
    I would appreciate your feedback in information regarding his opportunities at Bellaire HS.
    Thank you,
    German Varon

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